Stereo Mastering



Have your track mastered by our in house engineer, and get three different variations/bounces. Use the one you like most. Satisfaction guarenteed.

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Stem Mixing



Includes expert mixing of all vocal tracks on your song by our in house engineer. We will match your sound with a reference track of your liking. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Mixing & Mastering



All-in-one mixing and mastering of one song, including vocal and beat stems. Get three variations/bounces of the final master. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • 100% Streaming services ready (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, Beatport, etc).

  • 2 business days turnaround time.

  • 16bit/WAV & 320k/MP3 master files


  • 24bit or higher WAV or AIF files only. No MP3’s please.

  • No dithering

  • No normalization

  • At least -3db headroom.

Discounts for Large Projects

  • If you are an artist, label, distributor in need of mixing and mastering services for 10 songs or more contact us for a quote.

Full Service Distribution Through Vydia

Fill out the form below to be added to our unlimited music distribution plan through Vydia. Upon payment and approval, you will be sent an invitation to your Vydia dashboard where you can create releases to all DSPs, access artist resources, and more.